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La Flame™  "Vent-Free" Alcohol Burning Log Set
for Alcohol Fireplaces

Fuel that will NOT SOOT UP,  it is cleaner than burning a candle.
   Gloria Hilker, president of La Flame invented the first alcohol burning log set in early 80's.  Try our newest design in your fireplace today!  Forget the mess of wood or costly installations of gas.  Enjoy Real, Warm, Cozy Alcohol Flames, with wood-fire realism in your own fireplace or one of La Flame's own vent-free fireboxes.  
Sets up in just minutes.  

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For Ordering Information:
Measure the inside dimensions of your fireplace (height, width, depth).
Determine which Log Size would fit inside 20" or 24" width (approx. 50 to 60 cm)
For FUEL RE-ORDERS click on CONTACT US or Call 

Humidifies and Warms room at the same time. 
5,000 TO 20,000 BTU'S

 Measure your fireplace and order one Today! 
Call for Factory Direct Pricing
1- 877 283 8877  

Meets "Green" Criteria ... Clean Air Emissions ... 100% Efficient ... Vent-Free
Easy to install yourself - just take it out of the box ... Golden Oak Log sets up in minutes! 
" I have always been afraid of using our fireplace. But with the La Flame Alcohol Log Set 
I enjoy pouring in a little fuel, lighting my fire and putting out the flames with just a quick pull 
of the snuffer rod. I set it up myself and it was three times less LESS EXPENSIVE that putting in a gas log and much cleaner and safer than burning wood."
 ..... Jerry Lesterman, retiree   Ames, Iowa

   ENVIRO-ENERGY FUEL™  The innovative La Flame log set burner uses clean burning methanol alcohol, called Enviro-Energy Fuel.  It is certified safe to burn indoors with no venting.  The fuel may be purchased at a La Flame Dealer or shipped directly to your home or office in the USA.  
Each case contains four (4) 1 USA gallon containers.
Each fire uses only 10 - 32 ounces. Example: using 1 quart (32 oz) for each fire = 16 fires per case.
and burns 2 1/2 to 3 Hours
 La Flame at
  info @laflame.com or 952-933-5828

Filling Reservoir  Lighting Reservoir Flames Burning Extinguishing Flames

Reservoir is Stainless Steel.  Burner Basket and Reservoir are weld sealed for Safety.
Use your own grate or one of ours. A variety of Front Fender grates are available.
Certified Safe and Tested by Twin City Testing Laboratories under U.L. Guidelines

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Victorian Cast Iron Grate Fire Baskets

Real Cast Iron Grates with Live Alcohol Burning Flames
includes logs & burner

Call for video of flames

High Back Victorian Grate
23" L x 13" D  x 21" H
65 lbs
Small Branch Set
for Two Branches
Low Back Victorian Grate
21" Long x 13" d x 15" H
55 lbs.

Victorian Grates with log & burner

Pricing Starts at $549 - $675

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