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We are the leading innovator in alcohol-fueled fireplace design and technology.   La Flame is located in the Midwest with display near Minneapolis/ St. Paul,  Minnesota and Chicago, IL in the U.S.A.,  with it's warehousing and distribution/sales center in western Wisconsin.  The founder, Gloria D. Hilker, invented the first alcohol fireplace while improvising to create heat during a power outage caused by an ice storm.   La Flame is now international,  and ship's their fireplace product line to customers around the world. Our "Custom Mantel" shop gives complete design service.  
The company offers years of experience, quality and outstanding value to it's customers. 

Dear Web Site Visitor,

Welcome to our Alternative Fireplace and Mantel  Web Site! Fireplaces have come a long way from first being a campfire and cooking area for our ancestors.  Today the fireplace has evolved, becoming the symbolic center of the home. While creating an architectural element of who we are and how we want to live, your fireplace adds beauty, status, and warmth to the environment you place it in. Please let me assist you in creating this space. I can custom design your mantel around your existing fireplace or help you create a NEW fireplace ANYWHERE you want with our exciting product line. 

View our web site to learn about my renowned Alcohol-Fueled fireplace invention and our new exciting Electric fireplace Line.  
Meets "Green" Criteria ... Clean Air Emissions ... 
100% Efficient ... Vent-Free ... Gas Free

INVENTOR'S STORY ...   After receiving my first patent, I decided to share my invention by creating my own manufacturing and marketing company instead of selling or licensing my patent rights.

My background in interior and furniture design was very helpful in creating a functional and decorative vent free alcohol burning fireplace product line.

The special smoke-free and odorless fuel is our liquid "Enviro-Energy Fuel™", which burns 99.9% efficient. The clean-burning fuel is environmentally safe, creates no soot build-up on the logs, like some gel alcohol fireplaces do. The "vent-free" benefit allows you to put your fireplace virtually anywhere!  
La Flame's unique log branches split the live, flickering flames with "wood-fire realism".

We've added Electric Fires to our product line...
In 2007-08 we added new eco-friendly Aurora LED Fires with fabulous multi colored light shows. 
See the 2009 Portable Glass Alcohol Fires for indoor and outdoor use.
on our What's NEW page.  
For European flair visit the GOPPA page for Victorian and Contemporary Mantel Designs imported from England  with unique slim-depth fireboxes. 
Le Grande Electric firebox product line easily fits into any La Flame designed mantel. All electric offer very realistic flame effects, and are very easy to operate.

Please browse through our web site and place an order so you can experience these unique fireplaces and custom designed mantels in your home. Contact us with any questions. 
Dealer Inquiries are Welcome!

Warmest Regards,

gloria d. Hilker
Gloria D. Hilker
President / CEO / Founder of La Flame Industries LLC

Gloria Hilker Inventor of 1st  Alcohol Vent Less Fireplace .

Founder and CEO of  
La Flame Industries.

Chosen Best Alternative Fireplace Company  by Design Professionals.

La Flame's unique
 log branches 
split the real live, flickering alcohol flames with 
clean burning ambiance. 

Offering over two decades of experience.

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La Flame Industries LLC

Visit our Alcohol Fireplace page for in depth product information.
For our newest electric additions to our product line visit
the Goppa, Le Grande Electric Fireplaces and Aurora LED Collection and Portable Glass Alcohol fires.

Sales & Customer Service   1-612-710-5059

 Office   1-952-933-5828

     Displays located in Mpls /St. Paul, Minnesota - and  Chicago, IL

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